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  Industry Revolutions We Have Created

     The mark of great design comes not only when just one product is effected, but an entire product category is changed. These four products were industry firsts that later went on to become industry standards.

  Curved Tent Poles
Curved Tent Pole      Way back in the mid 70’s, all backpacking tents had straight tent poles and A frame construction. Mark was the first to innovate curved tent poles to provide increased fabric tension and unique support to these tents for Snow Lion corp. This innovation added head room, strength and reduced wind noise. It quickly led to a revolution in tent design that is still used in every backpacking tent today. Mark went on to join the team that perfected the first Geodesic camping tent design.

  Molded Seamless Cycling Chamois
Molded Chamois      When working as the designer for Dirt Designs cycling clothing line, we developed the first molded seamless padded chamois. We sought out a bra cup manufacturer to mold exotic synthetic leathers, foams and Nylon Lycra laminates into a one piece seamless 3D shape when all others had used uncomfortable sewn seams to create shape. Now, browse through any cycling catalog to see it has become the industry standard that most companies use.

  Cycling Short Within A Short
Cycling Short      We developed the cycling industriy’s first Nylon baggie short with a stretch padded inner short in the mid 80’s. This combined the riding comfort of a padded tight-fitting Lycra short with the style of a loose-fitting hiking short. It went on to become Trek’s most successful cycling clothing product. Today, almost every serious cycling clothing company uses this design in their product line.

  Leki Ski Pole Straps
Ski Pole Strap      We created an innovative ski pole strap for Leki Ski Poles in the early 90’s using a Velcro closure that folded back over the wrist. Not only is this design still used by Leki in both Alpine and Nordic, it has become the standard means to close almost all advanced cross country straps for companies like Swix, Exel and others.

  Easy Spirit Shoes
Easy Spirit Shoes      Erik led the team including Roger Brown and John Fraser that developed the Easy Spirit line of women’s pumps for US Shoe in the 1980’s. It became the most successful line of women’s shoes in US history with yearly sales of over one million pair. They held the patents on this comfort technology for some time and eventually sold them to US shoe. Due to this success, Erik became somewhat of a legend in the shoe industry and the line still exists to this day. This success led to an industry wide revolution incorporating comfort technology into women’s shoes.

  Other Projects

  Trek Bicycle
     Mark served as the lead designer for Wisconson based Trek after-market products division from 1985 to 1992 from the Product Innovations design studio in Aspen. In 1985, Trek did not have clothing and accessories but sold mainly bicycles. Mark was hired to lead development of this sector and created complete lines of cycling clothing, helmets, packs, bags and cycling shoes.
     His vision led to Trek Wear and Trek Gear which saw huge success among Treks hundreds of eager dealers through into the 90”s. Industry firsts such as the first cycling short within-a-short (Lycra padded inner with hiking short outer), padded mountain bike clothing, first hard shell cycling helmet and other innovations led the way. Many of his original designs are still part of the Trek line today.

Trek Bicycles

Rollerblade      Erik and Mark’s first collaboration in the mid 90’s was for Rollerblade. We had developed the early concept for Interflex, a flexible elastomeric connection between a rigid shoe lower and rigid cuff, along with Roger Brown and Michael Rakosky, former partners. Patents soon followed and Rollerblade licensed the concept for in-line skates.
     The Interflex line successfully provided rigid lateral control with energizing elastomeric ankle flexion. In addition, ground breaking construction techniques, wheel technology and heat moldable inner boot constructions led to many successful products for Rollerblade. Seen here on the left is an early hand-shaped silicone RTV molded prototype made in our studio. This prototype was digitized and converted into ProE CAD software for production molding seen on the right. The similarity of the two attests to our vision of a revolutionary design carried through to a successful consumer product.

  Sewing Studio
Sewing Studio      Over the years, we have designed soft-goods for dozens of companies and produced seasonal designs for many of them, sometimes for up to ten years. Our sewing studio, while not the focus of our current work, remains viable and capable. We have produced soft-goods designs for clients such as Trek Bicycle, The North Face, Jolly Kidz!, Dirt Designs, and others.

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