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Oh Shoes

     Our experience in sports footwear took a turn into the world of ladies fashion when we realized there was a lack of comfort technology in women’s footwear. Why not incorporate the athletic cushioning features we had developed to relieve the pain women experience in high heels?
     We proceeded to develop a revolutionary patent pending shock absorbing high heel. We also incorporated our Multiple Contour System (MCS) into the challenging world of women’s shoe construction. The normal high heel construction is antiquated and uses compressed fiberboard and metal to support from the heel to the ball of the foot. This thick trunk only leaves millimeters for foam cushioning. We replaced this with a patent-pending system of advanced injection molded composite for structure that is millimeters thick. This leaves over a centimeter of room for high quality urethane foam cushioning.
     Combine all of these comfort features and a revolutionary woman’s shoe line is born. We partnered to provide our technology that launched Oh! Shoes, a line of fashionable, sexy shoes that perform.

Comfort Products Oh Shoes main
Comfort Products
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Comfort Products